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Mind, Body & Soul

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As love, wisdom, and bliss have frequencies, so too do guilt, shame, and anger, so we should be mindful of how we transmit and receive vibrations.


Taking into account the fast-paced nature of our everyday lives, we have little time for tuning in, with the constant feeling that we must keep up in order not to fall behind.


There are times when it becomes less and less possible to schedule time for self-exploration, relaxation, and healing within our daily routines, but the ever-increasing demands of modern life might make it more urgent than ever before to journey inward and discover who you truly are.

Portugal Retreat

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Yoga Classes

Online yoga classes available soon.  You will be able to book your sessions online

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Meditating in Nature


Find out about our Transcending Matters Spiritual Retreat this September, Portugal, Algarve.

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